CMDS Practicum

Academic Program: 

Instructor: Marius Dragomir

Credits: 2.0

Course description: Elective course; Media Specialization

This course is an introduction to the systems and processes that shape the media. It consists of an introductory part, a short overview of how the media works, and of the key players in the field of media: their competences, power and influence and the impact they have on media systems in general, and media organizations in particular.

The course also aims to describe and problematize the tensions and conflicts that shape the media such as: public versus private interests, international versus national interests, commercial versus social interests; and the impact of media-related policies on media organizations, on journalism, and ultimately, on society.

The second part of the course (75% of it) will be practical: students will participate in CMDS’ activities, particularly in the center’s flagship research project Media Influence Matrix to get hands-on experience with media related research. Their contribution to this research project will be the base for evaluation. For their contribution, students will be credited as researchers in this project, which has been publicly disseminated as of January 2018.

Learning outcomes: 

Students will be able to understand the way media works; identify the main characteristics of media systems and important actors (their interests and relationships); they will learn about examples of how to engage with the media as researchers, as advocates and as policy makers; through practice, they will learn a set of fundamental tools and methods to carry out applied research on media.