CEU Student Research Team in 2018/2019

Dana Abu Lail is a Master’s candidate in Public Administration at the School of Public Policy at Central European University. She is specializing in Media & Communication and Development. Prior to attending CEU, Dana was the program coordinator for the Environmental Justice Program and the Communication and Visibility Program at Heinrich Böll Stiftung Palestine & Jordan office.

Ifra Asad is currently pursuing her MPA degree at the School of Public Policy at CEU. Prior to this, she has worked in civil society organizations concerning women's rights, education and minorities. Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, she has lived across the US, the UK, and now resides in Budapest, Hungary.


Katherine Durand Bustamante studied law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru where she developed her interest on social and equity issues in developing countries. She has eight years of experience working in the private and public sector and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Public Policy with the specialization of Social Justice and Human Rights.

Nurma Fitrianingrum is a one-year MAPP student at School of Public Policy at CEU. She is interested in studying the effect of public opinion on social media in the policy process. Prior to her studies at CEU, she worked three years in the empowerment and development sector.

Bruno Hasa is originally from Albania and has a background in English Studies. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program at the School of Public Policy while working part-time for the CEU Alumni Relations Office. As part of his degree, he is specializing in Development and Media and Communication.

Shubhangi Heda is pursuing a one-year Master of Arts in Public Policy at CEU with specialization in Media and Communications. Before this she obtained an undergraduate degree in Law, during which she had internships with think tanks and lawyers working on media policy. She worked on issues of revenge porn and censorship during her previous internships.

Svetlin Iliev has a bachelors and a masters degree in Security Study from Shumen University in Bulgaria. His thesis focused on the use of steganographic techniques in social media e.g. Facebook and Google+. He has a number of publications in the sphere of security and geopolitics. His current interest in the projects lays in the motivation to understand media dynamics and how media influences and is being influenced by public institutions, individuals and external factors.

Adrienn Kovacs holds a BA in English Studies, with a special focus on Roma Integration Studies from the University of Szeged in Hungary. Her BA thesis was “The Power of Words: Hate Speech from the Perspective of the Roma Minority”. Currently, she is a 2nd year MA student at the School of Public Policy at CEU. Her degree project focuses on the effects of market-based support for school networks development in Europe.

Fridon Lala is a graduate student in Public Administration at the School of Public Policy at CEU. Prior to joining CEU, he studied Business Management and Marketing in Kosovo. He has a strong background in community development and community advocacy. 

Mackenzie Nelson holds a BA in International Politics and History from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. Prior to starting her master's program at CEU’s School of Public Policy, she worked at the Heinrich Böll Foundation's offices in Washington DC and Brussels. She has also worked at the Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust, a small environmental education NGO located out of Swakopmund, Namibia, and gained research experience with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Strategic Environmental Management.

Lisette Reuvers is a student of Global Public Policy (MUNDUS MAPP) and CEU. Her academic background is in social sciences, with a focus on inequality issues in the Netherlands and beyond. In her professional life she has worked on projects surrounding issues of youth, education and inequality in the Netherlands. At CEU, she aims to learn more about development and journalism.