Community Radio Takeoff in Zimbabwe: Delayed Indefinitely?

June 20, 2019
The community radio sector has been flying high in most of Southern Africa, but remains grounded in Zimbabwe as politicians, seeing foreign conspiracies everywhere, fear loss of control in the media.

War Photojournalism: The Price of Survival

May 9, 2019
Death is the ultimate price that war photojournalists pay. But even those who survive tragedies will pay dearly for years to come. It is time for the industry to address this unwanted, often hidden, human cost.

Feminism 4.0: Loud and Noisy

April 11, 2019
Fourth-wave feminism is here. Misogyny and sexism are challenged like never before.

Silver Surfers: Closing the Digital Divide

March 28, 2019
More elderly than ever before use the internet today as the digital gap between generations is narrowing. Expect less depression and fewer shrinks around.

In Photojournalism You Hope That Others See Your Vision

March 25, 2019
Photojournalist Mark Milstein speaks about his 10-year experience in covering conflicts, wars and disasters during the 1990s.