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Criticize and Rule or How to Tame the Media in Georgia

April 2, 2020

By belittling the role of independent self-regulators and upbraiding the media critical of the government, Georgia’s media regulator hurts independent journalism.

Brazilian Culture: In the Survival Mode

March 26, 2020

With budget cuts of up to 70%, new rules on accessing public funds and institutions forced to follow a government-imposed, controversial agenda, cultural production in Brazil becomes an act of resistance.

Internet Shutdowns in India: Attacking People’s Minds

March 5, 2020

The recent waves of extensive internet shutdowns across India not only restrict social and economic rights, but also adversely affect people’s mental health.

Community Radio Takeoff in Zimbabwe: Delayed Indefinitely?

June 20, 2019

The community radio sector has been flying high in most of Southern Africa, but remains grounded in Zimbabwe as politicians, seeing foreign conspiracies everywhere, fear loss of control in the media.