Audiofiles Podcasting Workshop

Venue: Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary

This three-day course will train participants in the essentials of podcasting (online on-demand radio).

Podcasting is a fast-growing medium which combines the appeal of digital immediacy with the slowed down depth of an analogue age. Whilst making a podcast is easy, due the limited technical skills needed, making a good podcast requires careful planning, good production skills and quality scripting. A good podcast, no matter how niche, can find its audience.

Podcasting can help established and emerging media and communication professionals promote their work, create avenues of communication for individuals or groups and foster new communities with shared interests.

Course content

  • Designing a podcast: how to write for the ear, structure audio content and turn an episode into a series
  • Audio storytelling: using narrative techniques for communication
  • Recording Essentials: equipment and techniques
  • Editing Essentials: audio editing software training
  • Disseminating your Podcasts: building communities and promoting content online

What will participants gain?

  • Technical, narrative and communication skills for audio outreach and dissemination
  • One on one consultations to facilitate the design and production of their first podcast series
  • The opportunity to use Central European University’s podcasting studio and field recording equipment
  • A self-produced audio trailer ready to be published online


Ian M. Cook and Dumitrita Holdis are the co-founders and managers of the Central European University’s podcasting initiative. This resulted in more than 20 podcasting series being produced at the university by students, faculty, and staff, all collected and available at CEU’s Podcasting Library. Outside the university, they have taught numerous courses and workshops on podcasting for academics and researchers, media professional and activist groups across Europe. When not researching, teaching or listening to podcasts they work on individual audio projects on environmental issues, digital politics in India, sound studies to door-to-door salesmen.

Who can apply?

The course is highly recommended to communication specialists from international organizations, scholars who would like to disseminate research results, professional and academic publications who would like to expand their communication channels, but it is open to all professionals and amateurs interested in audio making.

Tuition fee: 400 EUR

The fee does not include accommodation, travel and meals.

For more information about the workshop please contact