Audiofiles Podcasting Workshop

CMDS podcast workshopThe aim of the workshop is to introduce participants to the basics of podcasting: how to create and produce audio content that will potentially open new avenues of research, allow for the modification of teaching practices and increase the possibilities for open access dissemination of knowledge. Podcasting can help established and emerging scholars promote their work, foster new communities of practice, and change the way research is imagined. Read more about the workshop and the podcasts produced here.

Organisers and instructors:

Jeremy Braverman - Mirabaud Media Lab
Ian M. Cook - Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS)
Dumitrita Holdis - Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS)
Benjamin Novak - The Budapest Beacon and the What’s up with Hungary Podcast
Lucia Udvardyova - Czech Radio, SHAPE and Easterndaze


Assignment 1 (pre-session)
Analysis of an existing academic podcast.

Session 1 - Podcasting Basics

  • Programme overview and introductions
  • Presentations of proposed podcasts
  • Participant presentations of example podcasts
  • Structuring and designing a podcast – basic elements

Assignment 2

Preparation of a detailed written episode plan in cooperation with radio and sound expert

Session 2 - Equipment essentials

  • How to use the recording equipment (mixers, recorders and mics)
  • Basic acoustics for recording podcasts
  • Narration, interviews and group discussion

Session 3 - Producing content for podcasting

  • Recording a trial podcast: hands-on learning

Assignment 3

  • Recording of podcast content. Support for booking equipment and rooms will be offered.

Session 4 - Editing Essentials

  • Introduction to Audacity editing software and the basics of editing for podcasts.

Assignment 4

Preparation of podcast ‘first cut’ in cooperation with radio and sound expert

  • Participants will upload their edited podcast by a set date.

Session 5 - Feedback

  • Peer and instructor feedback