UK Media Policy Briefings Collected

July 22, 2022

We have collected the five policy briefings on the UK media by the Media Reform Coalition in one document.

The five briefings, published between January and June 2022, are based on research for the Media Influence Matrix: UK report.

The policy briefings in this collection include:

  1. A media policy agenda for 2022, discussing the most important current debates in UK media policy, January 2022
  2. BBC Licence Fee Settlement Policy Briefing, February 2022
  3. The Online Safety Bill policy briefing, April 2022
  4. DCMS White Paper Policy Briefing, on the government's White paper on broadcasting, May 2022
  5. Public Interest Journalism: Funding and Labour Issues, analyzing the economic dyanmics of the UK news industry, June 2022

The collection of articles and policy briefings based on the UK Media Influence Matrix Report, as well as the report's chapters and more information about the project can be found here