When the Medium is the Message: The Cuban “El Paquete” System

September 21, 2021

In our latest article covering innovation in journalism from around the world, Jelena Prtoric writes how one TB of films, series, magazines, newspapers and advertisement is delivered every week in Cuba to millions of people in an offline delivery system known as El Paquete Semanal.

"El Paquete — often dubbed as "offline internet"- is already well-established in Cuba, and not unknown outside its borders. Although the internet penetration has grown steadily in Cuba over time and, according to the World Bank data, 62% of the population used the internet in 2019, the connection can be spotty and the prices too expensive for many Cubans. At the same time, state-owned media channels are limited in the content they offer, while El Paquete allows the users to enjoy almost limitless weekly entertainment for a limited price.", writes Prtoric. 

The article also discusses how Vistar, a glossy, innovative cultural magazine developed its content to be delivered on hard drives and USB sticks via Cuba's 'offline internet'.

Photo Credit: Vistar Magazine