Fact-Checking Organizations and Their Brilliant Ideas to Reach Audiences

April 26, 2021

Reaching the audience is one of the main challenges fact-checking organizations all around the world face, according to a recent survey that canvassed 30 fact-checking organizations all over the world. However, many of them have come up with innovative solutions to overcome this problem.

The article of Robert Nemeth and Marius Dragomir introduces four groups, which successfully implemented unique methods and tools to better engage their audiences:

  • GISA Group, a Sudanese media development and research nonprofit registered in the US whose main aim is to empower civil society to hold the powerful accountable;
  • DebunkEU.org, an independent technology center and think-tank that researches disinformation in the public space and executes media literacy campaigns aimed at combating the phenomenon;
  • Panos Institute Southern Africa (PSAf), a regional non-profit, non-governmental communication for development organization, based in Zambia;
  • Bloggers of Zambia, an independent and non-profit enterprise working in the fields of internet governance and digital rights, media rights and freedoms, and online creative content management, also based in Zambia.
Photo: Shutterstock / Andrey Popov
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