Fanucci Trains Legal Professionals at EUI's Transnational Training Workshop on Freedom of Expression and Countering Hate Speech

June 14, 2018

CMDS fellow and member of our Media Policy Hub of policy experts, Francesca Fanucci has recently taken part as a trainer in EUI's E-NACT workshop on the techniques of judicial interactions in the application of the EU charter on freedom of expression. The trainees included magistrates, lawyers and journalists and Fanucci explained to them the following topics: the role of NGOs in judicial proceedings regarding freedom of expression, both at national level within the EU countries and at European level, either in the European Court of Human Rights or, if possible, even in the Court of Justice of the EU; and the question whether NGOs have had so far an influence in shaping the international standards on freedom of expression that both national and international judges are then required to bear in mind when interpreting the relevant applicable norms to the proceedings in front of them. In addition, Fanucci also recorded part of an e-learning module on the international standards to apply at judicial level when tackling cases of online hate speech.

Find out more about the workshop here.