Where CMDS Goes Next

February 13, 2017

Today, we are pleased to launch the 2017-2019 CMDS strategy, which addresses major challenges to media freedom through applied research, knowledge sharing and policy engagement. 

The challenges

Populism, waves of confusion, propaganda and fake news are contributing to a new power dynamic that is fundamentally changing the role of media and journalism in society and politics. Media freedom faces enormous key challenges such as media capture, unaccountable corporate power, devaluation of public service provision, shrinking contestation space in parallel with growing anti-liberal clout and policy disconnect. Now, more than ever, grasping key shifts in power relationships is central to understanding and influencing the policy-making process, empowering civil society and improving the environment in which journalists work.

The strategy

Our new strategy is the product of five months of consultations with media experts and journalists from all over the world by the new CMDS director, Marius Dragomir and the CMDS team. It aims to initiate, conduct and disseminate research and knowledge to contribute to a more informed policy debate with the expectation that more progressive policies, less room for potential abuse by funders and owners and a freer and more plural public communications system will help improve media freedom.

The Center has traditionally worked through partnerships and larger research networks. To achieve the goals set out in this strategic plan, we aim to preserve this approach.

Read more about the strategic goals of CMDS here.