Areas of Expertise

These are the areas and issues our consultants have expertise in.

Policy, regulatory and legal frameworks

Main areas of expertise:

  • Media regulation and law
  • Internet governance
  • Evolution of technology policy

Media and journalism

Main areas of expertise:

Media mapping

  • Media ownership
  • Public service media
  • Community media
  • Social media


  • Funding models
  • Journalism and politics
  • Investigative journalism
  • Historical perspectives

Digital rights and advocacy

Main areas of expertise:

  • Digital rights, privacy and data protection
  • Policy advocacy and civil society
  • Technology and civil society
  • Activism and participation
  • Communication policy advocacy and media justice

Harmful content online

Main areas of expertise:

  • Assessment of social media and ISP policy and practice
  • Civil society responses
  • Challenges related to freedom of expression

Narratives and media representation

Main areas of expertise:

  • Migration and media
  • Discourse and content analysis

Data studies

Main areas of expertise:

  • Societal aspects of big data
  • Digital humanities
  • Ethics of big data

Media development

Main area of expertise:

  • Development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation protocol and plans