General purpose
Sessions will feature a mix of lectures, group discussions, hands-on practicums, as well as two field trips within Budapest to meet with organizations engaged with work in this field. The course is organized thematically across each day, building from macro issues and broad conceptual overviews, to specific target topics and case studies, including introductions to different research methods and technologies. The teaching style will be interactive and participatory.

2017 CMDS summer course on media capture

What will participants learn?
Participants will get a deep understandings of key literature, scholars, networks, and research projects that are ongoing in the fields covered by the course. This will be of use to them in their scholarship and applied work back home. They will also learn a set of practical skills to use in their advocacy work.

Advocacy courses are run by experts in civil society and technology, media activism, community media, journalism, media policy, surveillance, human rights and freedom of expression.

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