The Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) is a research center for the study of media, communication, and information policy and its impact on society and practice. Founded in 2004 as the Center for Media and Communication Studies, CMDS is part of the CEU Democracy Institute and serves as a focal point for an international network of acclaimed scholars, research institutions and activists.

Latest news

July 5, 2022

Media freedom, media capture and the opportunities for independent journalism in Central and Eastern Europe are some of the topics discussed by CMDS Director Marius Dragomir and Transitions executive director and editor-in-chief Jeremy Druker in the latest episode of the VoiCEE podcast.

July 1, 2022

México ha avanzado en su marco regulatorio y el establecimiento de contrapesos institucionales para democratizar la comunicación y garantizar los derechos a la libertad de expresión e información mandados por la Constitución. Sin embargo, se requieren políticas públicas integrales para materializar las metas planteadas, según nuevo informe  publicado hoy por CMDS.

June 29, 2022

CMDS Fellow Kristina Irion has participated in an empirical study of filing complaints with Data Protection Authorities under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

June 28, 2022

Time and vigilance are of the essence in protecting democracy and preventing a Hungarian-style press takeover in France and elsewhere, CMDS Fellow Zselyke Csáky warns in an article in German magazine Internationale Politik.


The Journalism Crisis and How To Fix It