Innovations in Operation

Nepali Television Show Switches to Home Production

As the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown disrupted media operations in Nepal, a local journalist moved his television talk-show online. An audience of 300,000 people soon followed.

Big Grants and Microloans: Fighting the Economic Impact of COVID-19 on the Media

The crisis caused by the pandemic hit an already struggling media market. Innovative ways of securing funding are needed to keep outlets afloat.

Turning The Mirror on the Next Generation

Europe’s leading weekly, Der Spiegel strives to give readers a unique journalism experience, and it wants them to pay for it.

New Podcast: Innovation in Romanian Journalism

In the last episode of the Media Influence Matrix: Romania series, Dumitrita Holdis collected three initiatives or efforts that try new ways of doing journalism. From new funding models, forms of association or community involvement, these examples of innovation show courage and temerity.

New Podcast by CMDS: Funding Journalism in Romania

The Romanian report of the Matrix was published in 2019, and now we are happy to announce the launch of a series of podcasts that accompanies it, and also summarizes the findings of the three reports discussing funding, governance and media technology in the country.