Courses Outside CEU

CMDS is an academically grounded yet outward facing center – drawing on our dynamic range of skills and expertise we offer a variety of analytically astute and practically orientated courses.

As a center we are committed to engaging with organizations outside academia. We want to open up our research activities in a way that augments democratic discourses, helps actors influence policy decisions and, ultimately, leads to the enrichment of the public sphere. Simply put, within an increasingly complicated media landscape we want to give NGOs, private foundations, companies, universities, think tanks and other groups the knowledge and tools needed to make their voices heard.

With this is mind, we developed a new strategy for the center that outlines our expertise as well as our goals and plans for the next three years. The center is a hub of practitioners and academics with experience in teaching, research and advocacy. Our staff members work on topics such as media and power, journalism and freedom of expression, community media and media production, amongst others. We have an extensive network of fellows who can be engaged in teaching our courses. For a detailed overview of our network and areas of expertise, see our CMDS Consultancy page.

We understand that each organization or group’s needs are different and, as such, offer bespoke courses with full flexibility in terms of length, location and focus.

For more information about our course offer, please contact Ian Cook at and Dumitrita Holdis at